The first session involves an in depth health intake form and each session, the customer can expect to be honored with questions to encourage involvement in their treatment plan. The massage table is fitted with a bottom and top sheet, and depending on the temperature comfort of the client, a blanket or heated table pad are provided. The body is always draped with a top flat sheet, only the area that is being worked will be undraped. The treatment room has soft lighting, a Himalayan Salt rock light, heated towels and soothing music are there to sooth and provide a neutral energetic vibe. Kimberly believes it is YOUR session so you should have a say in what pressure is used, the areas of the body to focus on, including what areas may be left out and how the time of the session is best used.  This is why she intently listens to your desires and needs and then communicates and educates each client on the best ways to address the physical needs of the body. Massage Therapy is a team effort, the more feed back you give the better the therapist can meet your needs and know what you are sensing and this will aid in accessing your body's current alignment, and your movement restrictions. 

You can request one specific type of modality to be used, (Neuromuscular Therapy for example) or she will use Integrative approach, using many Massage Techniques in one treatment session.

How do customers describe K Curtis Massage?

"It is a space of healing and therapeutic renewal. The therapist makes sure I am comfortable, convey's her plan of treatment clearly, and makes sure I agree with it before proceeding. I love that each session includes a hot towel and time for me to "just be" at the end of my session." Julie B.

Most people describe Kimberly as having a huge heart, lots of motivation to help others and an intuitive ability to help others heal themselves.

"Her hands have a lot of light and intention in them. She gives her all." Says Alli S.

Clients usually re-book right after receiving their massage session because they see positive health results right away and want to continue care.

She loves using her massage therapy abilities to impact the world around her in a positive way. She just wants to help make a big difference in peoples lives and that is why she chose to be a Licensed Massage Therapist.

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